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General Information


Available Products

• Business Cards
• Postcards/Pluggers
• Sell Sheets
• Letterheads
• Envelopes
• Brochures
• Cover Sheets
• Doorhangers


It’s EASY – Follow these steps

1.  Make a folder and collect all your pictures, fonts, files and a PDF viewer file. Please name your folder using your name and date of submission (last_first_mm_dd_yy).
2.  Compress the folder.
     a. If using Windows, use ZIP Compression ( ).
     b. If using a Mac, use SIT Compression ( ).
3.  The compressed file should be no more than 60 MB.
4.  If your file is greater than 60MB, please copy all related files to a CD or DVD properly packaged and send it to us by the shipper of your choice.

You may also email your files to us, if less than 10MB in size. If emailing your order, please make sure you include the following in your project folder:

*Company Name
*Contact Person
*Billing Address
*Shipping Address
*Credit Card Information or Method of Payment
*Quantity of Order
*Job Files

Please be patient. Files require more time to upload if they are large, depending on the speed of your internet connection. This is normal.

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